– You Still Up? with Scarlit Scandal  2021  Cunilingus – You Still Up? with Scarlit Scandal 2021 Cunilingus

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Alexis Tae, Scarlit Scandal and Scarlit Scandal are best friends and teens. They can’t sleep as they toss and turn on their beds. It’s because they watched a scary film marathon during the slumber party. Both are so anxious and restless that Alexis suggested they brush ScarlitAs hair. This calms HER, so maybe Scarlit will feel the same.
Scarlit may be shy but sheA’s willing to try anything, even if it means Scarlit isnAt as confident. Although it seems innocent at first, Alexis begins to notice the spark between ScarlitA and Alexis as she brushes through her hair. This growing heat causes Alexis to give ScarlitA a sensual scalp massage. It only makes them more excited than it calms down.
Alexis’s mischievous moves begin when Scarlit makes an inadvertent moan, giving away how much sheAs enjoyed the scalp massage. They could do better than to have a midnight date.

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