– Eat My Black Studs Cum with Jewels Divine  2017  Kneeing – Eat My Black Studs Cum with Jewels Divine 2017 Kneeing

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As Goddess Jewels lies on her bed, her cuck asks if she heard her black lover sexually assault her. He replied, “Yes GoddessaEUR,” like a little bitch. AEURoeI still feel his cum running dryaEUR she moans, and you can see her cum sliding down her genitals into her sock. He is to be placed between her legs, and she will eat it. He replies that he doesn’t feel inferior. He doesn’t have any cock and he has a very small clit. She laughs at him. He has cum left in his crack, she says. He would be disappointed, she says to him. The slave works hard to keep his tongue between his cheeks so that the lady doesn’t get cum.

He tells her that she and her husband were talking while laughing about each other. She also mentions how she enjoys humiliating him and all of her slaves to make sure they don’t get the crazy idea that they are men. He licking makes her feel horny. He is told to go get his mouth dildo, and she will fuck him. She wouldn’t consider him a cock. The rubber dildo is all she has until her man comes back. The slave is having a difficult time getting the dildo in his wife’s wet pussy. You can only imagine how it would feel if he tried to insert his actual cock into her. He reaches for her and tilts his head so that the dildo falls inside. He tells her that she is still a raw pussy because she needs sex almost every hour lately. He tells her that she will need to look for more slaves, and new boyfriends in order to satisfy her needs. He is compelled to keep going, and he hopes he gives her some. The slave says, “aEURoeIaEUR” and continues talking about LeonaEUR. She then puts her slave down to continue her conversation about her alpha-stud. To assist him, she pulls his hair until he screams. She orders her slave to get up and crawl back into his cage once she is satisfied. She smiles and says, “I believe Leon needs to be brought back here right now.”

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