– I Will Make Your Life a Living Hell with Dakota  2013  Bi Facebusting – I Will Make Your Life a Living Hell with Dakota 2013 Bi Facebusting

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Clem, her cousin older than Dakota, visited Princess Dakota. Clem teased and tortured Dakota since she was a child. He would pull her down, tickle her and hold her till she wet her pants. Sometimes he would lock her up in the closet, and only let her go out when she started crying. He would sometimes sit with her, reading comics. When they were young, he was an absolute savage. and it is payback time. Dakota was able to record him using her smartphone and then videotape the incident. If he does not become her slave, she will threaten to hand him over to police. Clem reluctantly accepted because he has a criminal record, and the evidence that he stealing sent him to prison.

This is Princess Dakota’s scene. He has his hands on his knees, and Princess Dakota wears a collar with a leash. He is to clean her dirty boots. They still had horse manure remnants when she was back in the barn. She would punch clem in the face if he didn’t display enough enthusiasm. She says, “I will make you live a miserable existence.” He is really pushed and groaned by her. The red and damage that the kicks have done to his nose can be clearly seen. He is placed on his back by her so that she can lay down with her boots. She grinds his boots into his face, causing extreme pain. Then she makes him sit down so that she can kick his head. This scene is a highlight for Princess Dakota. Highly recommended if cowboy boots and sexy girls doing amazing face-busting.

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