– Punished for Being Late with Kandy  2013  Scissorholds – Punished for Being Late with Kandy 2013 Scissorholds

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Mistress Kandy waited and waited for Jimmy to arrive as planned, but he wasn’t there. He didn’t answer his phone, and was 45 minutes late. Mistress Kandy was angry. Mistress Kandy was furious when jimmy showed up. He had such a stupid excuse for being late that it only made Mistress Kandy more angry.

She gave Jimmy the option of a punishment. He had two options. One, he could take his purple cocked up and let it sit all day without any lube… or, he could clean her boots. Jimmy chose to clean her boots instead of choosing either option.

His mistresses Kandy immediately ordered him to begin licking his filthy boots, paying special attention to the soles. After a while, she made him lick her boot and then ten asked him to take off her socks. To make sure that her socks were ripe to shove jimmy’s nose, she walked around in her boots. Kandy is a master at making socks sniffing so edgy.

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