– You Like That Don’t You Part 2 with Ruby  2019  DildoFucking – You Like That Don’t You Part 2 with Ruby 2019 DildoFucking

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This clip is the final in the extreme trampling series. Domina Ruby is a beautiful, heavy-set woman who has been having fun with her slave. The slave will change her shoes while she tromps on him. This means that every time she lifts one foot, her entire weight falls on the other. When footwear needs to be changed, she does not move from her body. Ruby helps the slave stay focused by her words, reminding him to not make any mistakes. His body has become covered with deep stiletto marks by the time Ruby is finished. The camera picks up this detail very closely. Part 2 opens with her standing on the slave, one on his head and the other on his stomach. He is eager to prove himself and guides her back foot until they touch his forehead. The Goddess then steps back, and the slave presses his heels against his stomach. I am so much more than just my pretty legs. She reminds him. Ruby decides to change to the next pair. These shoes have a red high heel and the slave can feel his pain while he struggles with them. Ruby speaks clearly and calmly. She expects her slave to do well, but is direct about it. Ruby tells her slave to support her by holding her legs. The slave then comments on how her heels are as sharp and precise as they come. That’s how I love my heels. She adds, “You are like a modern-day Jesus. He is now able to feel her weight on his forehead. Ruby informs him that it is time for the final pair of shoes, the second boot. Ruby tells him to take off the rear boot, and the front one. But the way she has her legs spread makes it painfully difficult and almost impossible. The front boot is his choice and he then must place knee-high boots on each foot. He’s so inexcruciatingly pained that he makes such a dramatic scene. She turns her head to look at the camera and rolls her eyes. Ruby puts on her boots and jumps on her slave’s stomach. She then kisses her boot goodbye, before dismounting to let the camera see the extent of the injuries her heels caused. Ruby glances down at him and states, “Hmm…it’s a start.” The slave already thinks about the next great encounter with Domina.

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