– Vacillation Gina Caruso 2008 Handler – Vacillation Gina Caruso 2008 Handler

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She asserts to be extremely submissive. She has just done several shoots because college but she says she wants the bondage for being”tight”. She wants to be commanded, unable to maneuver helpless and so on. So I put this up and give her what she asks for, but the reality is more peculiar than the dream. I pull her arms back and tie them together. I stretch them up strappado too large as they will go. I am able to feel her tendons pulling from me. Her thighs get exactly the identical treatment. It will become apparent that people have different definitions of”tight”. She sees mine is synonymous with”completely fucked and desperately aching for relief” She breaks out in a cold sweat and her breath is a series of labored gasps. She’s frightened now, that perhaps she asked for too much, and she certainly wasn’t counting the humiliation when I bind her on her side like a caught veal calf and see her drool her through her gag as dildos and vibrators sink into her holes.

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