Extrabigdicks.com  – My Little Cocksucker with Girth Brooks  2012

Extrabigdicks.com – My Little Cocksucker with Girth Brooks 2012

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Girth Brooks is our only guest. Let that sink in for a moment. Girth, a Massachusetts native, just celebrated the big 3-0. Because he has a history of being accustomed to everything A’bigA, weAre certain he will be able to handle it. WeAre not being too ambitious and weA’re not going to spoil the surprise of his co-starA. After teasing our members with his oral talent a month prior, Brazilian hottie Daniel Len is back by popular demand. This is about to change. These guys were asked what they prefer to do fuck. Girth loves to watch the game while he has his dick. This is not the same question as we were asking, but it’s still quite nice to see. Daniel is a big fan of the doggy look. (…thatAs an aside. Girth is str8 but more like an ass/leg man. Girth also admits that he is reluctant to share his industry work with girls. He beams, “They must fall in love firstA” Daniel doesn’t like women, but heAs interested in masculine men and all that Girth has to offer. Daniel openly confesses that heAs most looking forward to Girth being a big man. ThereAs no reason to wait for the Brasileiro if that’s true. After a tiring day, Girth returns home and begins to change his clothes. As he awakens, his hand slides into his shorts before slipping his pants on. Before his lunch date, he needs to dress. Daniel enters the room and catches him by surprise as soon as he has taken off his pants. He says, “Sorry, IA”m late,” but then he adds that he hasnAt had breakfast and is so hungry that a horse could be eaten. Girth assured him it was okay and turning around, with his cock up full mast, he offered Daniel another alternative. Daniel asks GirthA what about his horsecock. He takes GirthAs cock and starts sucking. As he pushes down on his throat, he opens wide. Girth taps on his tongue and he laps at the shaft. Girth can’t stop talking about that cock, and he is fine with less. Daniel kneels down as GirthAs fat cock eats him. Girth lies down and watches Daniel eat his enormous meat. Girth is admiring Daniel’s sex as he eats his huge meat. Girth spreads his cheeks to get a better view of the gap heA’s about open. As Daniel pushes the fat knob in, he stands beside him. Daniel grumbles as GirthA pulls his monster meat from deep within. As Girth taps his ass dog style, Daniel holds onto the chair. Be careful what you wish to get. As he loves each inch heA’s been given, he spits on GirthA’s dick and fucks him back while begging for more. GirthA’s smooth, docile nuts rub their hands on that tight ass while Girth sings its praises. Girth gets on that hot ass and slows it down so he can enjoy every bit of the ride. Next Girth will fuck Daniel again before he wants to take it on. Girth watches as Daniel eats his food. As that idiot sends him over, he bounces off it. Girth then lays down on him and jumps as Girth presses into him, making him shot all over. Girth gets Daniel down on his knees and stomps all his fat nut over Daniel’s face. Anyone up for liquid lunch? Its Atkins approve!

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