– Barb Summers Barbara Summer 2005 Shaved – Barb Summers Barbara Summer 2005 Shaved

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Barbara Summer is The Czech Republics greatest export because….well, actually! Shes all woman from head to toe and I beg you to find some flaws. From her perfectly rounded tits into an ass you could bounce a quarter has all of it. She has everything theres a black dick. This European floozy flew all the way to the U.S to get a brand new tub of black dick to get her lips moist on. The adult book store video booth’s solitude usually means she can suck on a dick and still get home in time to discount her Caucasian man. First, we are given a striptease only to work up to a masturbation session which drenched by Barbara. The commotion in her booth appears to have attracted the attention of a curious black male whose usefulness is currently providing his beef stick to Barbara. Barbara coated his cock with her saliva as her palms turns making her pussy look nice and raw. Can she take his thick, creamy load all over her head? Is dick loved by all women?

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