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Hdwetting.com – Video Chat Desperation 2022 desperation

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Alisha, Sosha and a basic video conference turn into an imitative holding competition. They end up peeing all over their pants. Alisha confesses that she has to go pee a lot during the conversation. Sosha challenges her to hold it for as long as she can, and then she reveals that she needs to use the toilet. They have an argument about who holds it longer, so they decide to hold a contest. They decide that the looser will spend the remainder of the day wearing their pants. Sosha eventually loses control of her pants and wets them. Alisha, who is also at her limit, pees in her pants just moments later. Sosha has to wear her wet clothes for the remainder of the day, and Alisha can change into clean clothes. Sosha is upset that she has lost and flips on Alisha when she finishes the call.

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