– When Ladies Clinch! Isla 2013 Bedroom – When Ladies Clinch! Isla 2013 Bedroom

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It’s always nice to see chemistry between models, which is exactly what happens when we pair two exotic brunettes in a bedroom. Isla, in the sheer black patterned pantyhose, and Lucia Love, in the beige, first start to clinch standing up against a mirror, worshipping each other through their taut hosiery, kissing their bottoms and sniffing and licking their crotches. Then they move to the bed where Isla laps at Lucia’s labia through the crotch of the pantyhose, and she then moves down to her companion’s toes, licking the red-polished digits which peek out through the stretchy beige fabric. Soon both ladies rip their tights, so that Lucia can lick Isla’s size 8.5 pink-polished tootsies. With their toes peeking out of the half-shredded tights, they lap at each other’s feet, with Lucia especially adoring Isla’s big toe. Then she goes down on Lucia’s pussy as her head is caught between those slinky thighs. In a cool move, Lucia wraps her own pantyhose around Isla’s head as her friend sucks at her snatch and crack. Fun fact: Isla has an inscription tattooed underneath her left breast: A Man’s Ruin.” Well, you know how the old saying goes: to be forewarned is to be forearmed! Based on that inky warning, Isla would probably make one hell of a punishing dominatrix for some submissive dude!

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