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Hot Latina Enchantress Sahrye and I awakened to be the best cat thief group in the city. I&severe;ve already been scoping out a people´s house to my intel told me could be home. Where the safe is we tiptoe in the sack, and we are amazed by a blond XXXX in the bed. I pin down her and Sahrye shoves a big rag in tightly with elastic bandage gagging the bimbo, putting it. Behind her back which makes sure to crush her elbows while I rope up her arms the woman straddles. All we need is the safe little one. I grope her body and Whitney Morgan struggles in her bonddage. We double team her frog tying her ankle up while the thing that is poor sobs into her gag. I get a little carried away with my manhandling her and Sahrye admonishes me sternly”keep your eyes on your prize!!” I put in a super snug crotch rope pulling this up deep into her pussy and ass while her other leg is tied by Sahrye frog, leaving the blond with a camel toe. Helpless Whitney cries and shakes, but she’s no match to both people. The dumb blonde shakes her head no more when we need to know where the secure is I put in a neck rope tying it off to the headboard and so my strong partner Sahrye lifts Whitney & severe; s bound body. We wouldn´t want to see you choke yourself . We leave the poor thing unable to fight while we go off to empty out that

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