Queensnake.com – STRING INSTRUMENT Queensnake & Tanita  Lezdom

Queensnake.com – STRING INSTRUMENT Queensnake & Tanita Lezdom

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Category: Domination

This innocent-looking but unbelievably cruel bdsm apparatus is my latest invention, I predicted it series instrument. The body of this instrument is an individual slave who is placing under the very thin (1mm) rubber lines and also the instrument can be played by pulling the elastic strings outside and after that let them slam into the servant to perform with pain chords and melody. Of course the first person who tried it the inventor herself. Was so unbelievably intense and maddening especially I had to discontinue Tanita times. I can state that this was among my very painful sessions . Because I had so many thin red lines on my body for a couple of weeks I seemed like a tabby, Nevertheless, it was worth it.

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