– Awakening Part 2 Mia Gold 2013 Breast Flogging – Awakening Part 2 Mia Gold 2013 Breast Flogging

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Mia Gold is going to spend a good part of today being what we like to call “stumped”. That is when we tie her to a short post and think of the best ways to use her without having to let her go free. In this case it is easy. Her head is strapped back but her mouth still works. She is going to get a throat full of cock. Honestly, Mia should be grateful. All she has to do is open wide and let it happen. She even gets to feel the vibrator for as long as she can keep her lips wrapped around a dick. Girls who make a mess need to be punished. Mia earns herself some clips and clamps for covering herself in drool. Some slaps across the face really drive the point, home, too.

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