– Training of the Pretty Girl, Final Day with Casey CalvertOwen Gray  2013  discipline – Training of the Pretty Girl, Final Day with Casey CalvertOwen Gray 2013 discipline

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She looks very beautiful for a girl who claims she doesn’t feel pretty. Four days ago, the heels that I strapped to her feet strain her calves. They also jack up her arse just right. Red lips are just as inviting and parted as slaves from the BDSM. She is very tight in the corset that I gave her. She can wear it down down 23 inches below her waistline to get 23 inch of slave meat. The set bubbles her stomach and lifts her tits up like an evil little slave girl doll. My dick makes a wiggle when she walks around the set. One more thing she needsAC/a. Her hands are rubbing the oil onto the leather. If she does it right, the leather will be fastened to her neck. Then, I wrap her pussy and asshole with rope and place a vibration against the moist mass of wet cunt. It is secured against her skin so that she can’t move from the rumbling vibration. As the thick ass-hook sinks into her exposed anus, soft tissue suckers the steel in her. Then, I secure it to her hair by pulling the ends tight enough so that her back is arched. These are tender, sweet buds of meat. I want to eat them all. They are too tender to eat so I have to clamp them. I then tie the clamps around her ankles. The music kicks up and I start beating her with my leather belt. I shout in her face. She is made to jump, squat and kneel. She is certain of her place by the end. I hold her in my arms and tell her how I would like to watch her sucking cock. Her pretty, red lips continue to stretch out and pinch the head and length of this thick dick. I lift her neck, and stuff her cheeks with the fat dick. It’s like she is a perverse cartoon character. Through the cracks in her cheek, I feel the cock press against my hand. I start to slap.IV Pile Driver: All Slaves Must Have It in the AssShe seems limber. To her dismay. I pull her down to her knees and point her sexhole towards the heavens. Instantly, the hole opens. Instantly, the gimp becomes hard and the pile driver starts. As the pile driver ravages her slave sex, I cane and slap her cunt. She screams and sings her beautiful girl song and, before she knows it, she kneels down and asks me for my help. Calvert, you are a good girl. Tell us about what you have learned.

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