Wasteland.com  – A Tale of Two Women 2019  maledom

Wasteland.com – A Tale of Two Women 2019 maledom

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Category: Bondage

What could be more romantic than watching a couple play BDSM? There is. You will be amazed at their beauty as well as their ability to pains and pleasure. They are called the triple, because they have three members. This is a different kind of relationship than most. The two women are stunning, sexy, and beautiful, while the third is their handsome, and, may we add, lucky Master. As Zachariah canes and feigns his love for Violet, Rose and Rose will make you astonished at the triangular bond. Who hasn’t dreamed that he could have his two wives please at once, let alone two women serving him as slaves. These people have been in a long-term relationship so it was a great honor to be able to film their lives.

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