– Happy 18th Birthday Kendall Carson & Vanessa Cage 2012 Massage – Happy 18th Birthday Kendall Carson & Vanessa Cage 2012 Massage

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18 turned and in her party her friends gave a Supply voucher to Get a massage.

Her masseuse Kendall who started the massage and took her to the area came at the parlor and met her. Until Kendall began taking her off things were moving along as normal. Kendall told her she would relax that all of her buddies got the complete body massage package and that was a part of it was absolutely fine, although this alarmed vanessa. Kendall and vanessa relaxed left her movement. She began massaging against Vanessa’s tits and reached up. She and Vanessa kissed as she rubbed against those amazing jugs. Vanessa tells Kendall that she has never tasted before so Kendall crawls along with her and stays on her face while she proceeds to pay attention to the sweet pussy of Vanessa. Vanessa has Kendall cumming very quickly and is a fast learner. After she was done cumming Kendall put Vanessa on all fours and licked at her pussy doggy style. Her whole body shook as she attacked this pussy from Vanessa came hard.

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