Divinebitches.com  – The Making of a Dominant: Episode 1 with Curt Wooster  2009  CBT

Divinebitches.com – The Making of a Dominant: Episode 1 with Curt Wooster 2009 CBT

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#mm h3, #mm h4, #mm p, #mm ol, #mm ol li, #mm ul, #mm ul li font-family:Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;text-align:left;#mm h3, #mm h4 font-weight:bold; margin-top: 15px; margin-bottom: 5px;#mm p margin-bottom: 15px; #mm ol, #mm ul margin-top: 2px; list-style-position: outside; padding-left: 40px; #mm ol li list-style:decimal; Guest Domme: Mistress Nika NoireSub: Curt WoosterMaitresse Madeline calls upon Mistress Nika Noire to guest domme on Divine Bitches. NikaA is a blazing hot and tough woman who will not take anything from any of the worms that worship her. Curt Wooster is a person who has grown over the years and hopes to be a leader at The Armory. HeA expressed strong interest in working with Mr. Mogul and Maestro. He must be prepared before he is able to hand over to Mr. He must be ready before he can hand over to Mr. Curt is put through an assortment of tasks by Mistress Noire, which includes cropping and caneing him. His balls are kept in a locked room. He is humiliated by her fucking from the back while she shows him videos of Maestro and Mr Mogul working their magic. She uses Curt’s cock to her delight and then puts his filthy, pathetic load back in a bottle for Madeline to inspect! Will Curt become a gimp? Is he capable of dominating? Come back to Divine Bitches to witness his progression!This includes caning, cropping, ball torture, oral servitude, humiliation and strap-on ass fucking.MaitresseA’s EvaluationGoalspain processingeffciently process painstrength and presenceexude self assurance and tenacitystaminastrength of physical constitutionClosing assessmentappeared to make a real effort at pain processingcompletely humiliated and broken down in order to build strength and presencemust work on stamina in stressful situations

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