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I come home from a long flight that is overseas that is exhausting. Then I open the door and step inside and seated on a seat is a bald man pointing something straight in my own. For it I’m too tired Initially to fully register. What exactly are you doing in my house? Where is Mindy he asks me. I tell him that Mindy proceeded to care for her ailing mother. He demands me to provide him a zip drive. I am clueless and don&severe;t know what he is talking about. I jump over to grab the telephone to call the police, however, the guy is surprisingly fast regardless of his size and that he seizes me holding his hands over my wrists and mouth behind my back. He carries out a white cloth and I fight to kick at him. I try to pull them from my face kicking and crying under the floor and grab his hands, but that I feel myself getting poorer and the area becomes black. I start to wake again and I am placing on top of me on the ground with this man. My uniform was stripped off my body and Iacute;m abandoned within my shelf bra, garter belt and stockings. The man is pissed off rather than finding continutes and the zip disc to tease me. I do my very best to convince him that I know where it’s. I´m still fighting and seeking to fight him off, but I understand that I’m not fit for him so I devise a strategy to escape by making him believe I will help him with all the zip drive. The zip drive I shout!! I know where it is!!! He loosens his hands out of throat and goes to seem to regain the drive. My own efforts to stand up are feeble and my mind is spinning and he is rolling my body over and beating my elbows together behind my back with rope. He yanks the snap and the pain is so intense. I beg and request and inform him I know where it is, but he proceeds to bind up my legs. He grabs an additional piece of rope as he wraps it and my eyes widen in panic. Please, please, please don&acute. He attaches this rope to the rope onto my knees leaving me in a brutal gope rope. He goes to retrieve the zip drive and finds I whined and comes even angrier. He shoves a rag deep into my mouth and wraps my head. Then the bastard reties the goat rope which makes it extrmely restrictive. My eyes bulge in fear knowing the outcome for me. The ropes are tightened by every motion of my body and gurgle and I start to choke. Please, noooooooooooooo!!! My breath is becoming shallow although I try to cry out and my entire body starts to spasm.

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