– Setting the table Faye Taylor 2019 Wetting – Setting the table Faye Taylor 2019 Wetting

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Im inside setting the table like I have some friends coming round for dinner. Im colored knee length socks, plus a Crinklz shot that was white with adorable images of bears on it. Im very excited and wish to ensure everything looks nice for when everyone arrives, so Im taking my time putting the plates and cutlery out, and making sure that everything is arranged. Preparing of the place settings and moving around the desk implies that Im doing a lot of stretching and bending over, therefore there are plenty of shots of my diaper covered bum too! And as the Crinklz is extremely moist and soggy, all the moving around Im doing is making me feel even better! If everything is finally completed, the only thing left to do is go upstairs and turn to a outfit. Maybe something. Im discussing my t-shirt and socks of course.the soaking wet diaper is definitely staying on;)

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